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'Round the Mountain | Mike Young Trail


Whether it's folk tales or family,work or pleasure, business, education, or an exhilarating outdoor vacation that brings you among us, welcome to the hills and hollows we call home. We promise you an Appalachian adventure that will stimulate your senses and sharpen your appreciation for a life style featuring family fun, community, work, higher education and outdoor recreation. The Cumberland Plateau of Central Appalachian being it's landscape, Buchanan County is ringed with hills and mountains. With names like Sandy Ridge, Big A Mountain, Fletcher's Ridge, Jewell Ridge, Compton Mountain, Bradshaw Mountain and Pine Mountain, these mountains reflect our geology and heritage. Rising from an elevation of 845 feet to 3,375 feet above sea level, our mountainous landscape enjoys four distinct seasons and is crowned by a world class mixed hardwood forest that has supplied hundreds of millions of board feet of timber to meet the building needs of American and foreign destinations. Indeed, Buchanan is the most heavily forested of Virginia's 100 counties. While providing a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities, our forested mountains are a rich storehouse of natural resources, including timber, coal and natural gas. In past years the town of Grundy was knows as "Coaltown USA" but today it is best known as the home of the Appalachian School of Law and the University of Appalachia, which are providing Appalachian adventures in professional education.

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Buchanan County Tourism Committee
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Town of Grundy
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Buchanan County Chamber of Commerce
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